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Black Diamond Falls, WI



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2002 Steffen Graphics
updated 08-01-02

  The Black Diamond Falls resort located in Black Diamonds Falls WI is a fictional area of Wisconsin. My father and I decided to go with freelancing this model railroad for a number of reasons. One we do not have to follow any prototypical scenery, nor railroads so we can have any railroad rolling through the area and stopping at the station or taking a rest at the BDF SHOPS. As many as 5 different railroads go through the B.D.F such as The Milwaukee Road, Wisconsin Central, SOO Line, And the BNSF just to name a few.

    Short history of Black Diamonds is it was started by a wealthy California man who wanted to get away from the busy life of San Francisco back in 1875. And till this day the family still owns the land and runs the town. One little note tho be careful if you drive through or stop into town for something to eat the cops aren't to shy about writing them speeding tickets or traffic violation tickets.

   Enjoy the tour of Black Diamond Falls Wisconsin.

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